Universal Protocol for Engineering Spreadsheets

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About the UPES.

Spreadsheets are by far the most utilised tools in engineering. Whether you are calculating the flexural strength of a concrete beam, or the flow through a pipe network, chances are you have a spreadsheet to assist. The UPES will outline how you can set up your spreadsheets to get the most out of them.


A key to any spreadsheet is that it is useable, not only by the person who wrote the spreadsheet, but by anyone who views it. The protocol outlines how to best achieve this.


It is important that your spreadsheet is able to integrate with other software when required. The protocol will provide a format that is already set up to achieve this.

Ease of review.

Spreadsheets are not typically designed to be reviewed easily. The protocol will ensure your spreadsheets are review friendly and easily converted with review software.


One of the keys of the UPES is uniformity. The UPES supports a function over form approach, where the consistent, uniform layout of sheets may not be pretty, but will be effective.